Background check services (part 1)

I. What is background check?

Background check is one of the detective services usually performed by the detectives of Detective World. Background check is the process that a person or company uses to verify information and issues about a certain individual. Background check helps companies, managers or directors to check criminal record, educational, employment history and other past activities of the candidate or employee of the company.

II .Types of background checks

There are different types of background checks that are used for different cases. Here is a list of the 8 most common types of background checks that the detectives of Detective World Company usually do:

– Employment background checks

– Criminal background checks

– International background checks

– Credit background checks

– Personal background checks

– Education background checks

Specific information of each type of background checks will be as follows:

1. Employment background checks

Employers perform background check to avoid hiring someone who poses a threat or an adverse impact on the workplace. According to the information from HR.com, 96% of employers typically conduct one or some type of employment background check. Employment background check usually takes place when a candidate applies for a job, but can also happen any time the employer deems necessary.

Employment background check usually includes personal information, relationships, employment history, education, credit history, criminal record, medical history … If the vacancy is specialized, candidates or employees may undergo additional screening. For example, when the job position is a financial advisor or works at a bank, the employer can check the applicant’s financial history, as well as the certificates or qualifications they own.

2. Criminal background checks

Criminal background check is often performed in cases where a person or organization needs to know the criminal history of the person being verified, such as whether such person committed violent crimes or sex crimes, fraud, embezzlement or not…; what are the penalties ever imposed on such person; was such person prohibited from performing any work or undertaking any position or authority …

A criminal background check usually involves looking at some of the following data and documents:

– First-instance and appellate criminal sentences

– Cassation and reopening trial decisions on criminal matters

– Decisions to exempt the serving of penalties, reduce the terms of execution postponement of imprisonment sentences, suspend the serving of imprisonment sentences …

– Certificate of having completed the reform, probation and additional penalties

– Decisions to enforce fines, confiscation of property, court costs and other civil obligations of convicts, decisions to suspend judgment execution, certificates of judgment execution results …

– Decision to commend the death penalty.

– Certificate of special amnesty, amnesty

– Decision to delete criminal records


3. International background checks

If an employer is considering hiring someone who has lived, worked, or studied in another country, that employer may perform international background check in addition to normal employment background check.

With international background check, employers can obtain information such as criminal record, international education and employment verification. Each country requires different documents to perform the check, such as the full name and a copy of the citizen’s identity of the person being verified, such as a passport….

International background check will help employers to have a complete and comprehensive view of candidates and employees who have worked in many different countries. As a result, international background check has become a useful tool for employers in the context of an increasing number of jobs and multinational workers.

In fact, Detective World is often asked by companies and corporations to assist in performing background checks regarding candidates who might be recruited into important management positions and titles, re-verifying the employee’s identity and background who are suspected of violating company regulations, verifying the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal information provided…

As a professional detective organization with an extensive network of investigators, detectives and collaborators, Detective World is in all cases proactive in mobilizing resources to gather personal and organizational information without depending the limitations of time and venue of performing work.

Please contact Detective World for a more detailed advice on background checks.

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