Background check services (part 2)

In part 1, Detective World introduced basic information about employment background check, criminal background check, international background check services. This part will continue with credit background check, personal background check, educational background check – popular tasks included in the detective services of Detective World.

4. Credit background check

Credit background check is collecting and recording of a person’s credit-to-debt ratio and shows how credit-to-debt is managed and paid by the individual in the past. The result of this check is a credit report – a document that is very important when an individual applies for a car loan or home, credit card or any other type of loan.

Some jobs also require credit background check, especially for positions in the financial services industry where employees will manage or perform money-related jobs on a daily basis.

With the credit background check, the manager or the company can view the credit report of the candidate or the employee. The credit report shows the entire credit history of the applicant, including:

– Payment history

– History of receiving money

– Bank account balance

– Credit debts

– …

5. Personal background check

Personal background check will help recruiters, employers, managers or other entities having demand to have an overview of all matters surrounding the personal life of the person being verified. Personal background check reports often include information about the individual to be verified, the family and personal relationships of such individual, bank account information and credit status, and a record of call, flight ticket information and travel history, immigration history,…

Some information on a personal background such as personal information, family or relationships, recruiters, employers or other entities having demand can verify on their own, but it takes a lot of time and it may not be effective in some cases. For some more detailed information such as bank accounts, credit, or travel history, call records,… employers or other entities having demand are difficult to perform the check by themselves. Thus, detective services become a effective solution for employers and increasingly prove their role.

6. Education background check

Educational background check helps recruiters, employers verify that whether the candidate, the employee really owns the qualifications as they claim or not. This is an important step to help employers eliminate cases of using fake qualifications, or forging academic achievements, avoiding recruiting people who do not match the professional requirements of the job.

Usually, the educational background check is performed in several industries such as financial services, accounting, banking, insurance, construction, education, …

III. Purposes of background check

The purpose of background check is to provide information related to a person so that the entity who needs such verification can have an accurate view and assessment of that person. Thanks to the background check services of detective companies, recruiters and employers have more opportunities to check and evaluate workers more accurately to recruit, train or perform promotion for those who are suitable for the company.

In fact, Detective World is often asked by companies and corporations to assist in performing background checks regarding candidates who might be recruited into important management positions and titles, re-verifying the employee’s identity and background who are suspected of violating company regulations, verifying the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal information provided…

As a professional detective organization with an extensive network of investigators, detectives and collaborators, Detective World is in all cases proactive in mobilizing resources to gather personal and organizational information without depending the limitations of time and venue of performing work.

Please contact Detective World for a more detailed advice on background checks.

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