Employment background check services

What is employment background check service?

Employment background check is a process a company or employer uses to verify a variety of data related to an employee. The check usually takes place when a candidate applies for a job, but can also happen any time the employer deems necessary.

Employee background checks have increasingly become a popular part of the recruitment process these days thanks to its outstanding benefits. You can find the following part for some typical benefits.

Advantages of employment background check services

Below are several significant benefits that you company can inherit from employment background check services:

First, it improves your company’s security.

Employment background check will help your company to check the past information of your employees, especially which related to criminal ones. Thus, it helps to avoid hiring someone who poses a threat or an adverse impact on the workplace.

HireRight, an international company on such services, has performed a research and got the result that 84% of organizations conduct criminal background checks, with 73% using background screening to verify past employment and/or conduct reference checks. It can be observed that the number of international companies using employment background check services are very large, as it has so many great effects.

Second, employment background check services help your company to hire better candidates.

The process will reveal past information of the candidate for you, including information on qualifications and past experiences, also the honors of such a candidate, so you will have comprehensive view of such a person before making your decision of hiring or not.

In HireRight’s research, more than 50% of the companies surveyed told that employment background check services led to better-quality hires. And they thank HireRight for such a result.

Third, employment background check services help your company to enhance its compliance.

In comparison with contacting with an employee’s references, checking his or her background details will offer the employer more chances to understand the employee well. When engaging a good employment background check service, you can verify an applicant’s history, then find and hire the best employees, which will help your company to maintain general and legal compliance. By this way, this will also help to enhance your company’s reputation.

What are included in a background check report?

The report will include all information required by clients in their instructions. In cases where clients do not give specific requirements from the initial stage, the detectives of Detective World will suggest fundamental information and clients can consider based such suggestion.

Normally, employment background check usually includes personal information, relationships, employment history, education, credit history, criminal record, medical history … If the vacancy is specialized, candidates or employees may undergo additional screening. For example, when the job position is a financial advisor or works at a bank, the employer can check the applicant’s financial history, as well as the certificates or qualifications they own.

How long does an employment background check take?

The process depends on the client’s specific requirement, in particular, the number of persons to be checked, the amount of information to be checked and how comprehensive such a client wants the results to be.

Normally, the detectives of Detective World will proceed with an employment background check for one employee with standard information for around 5 – 7 days. Some companies also provide instant background check screening which can be performed a little faster; however, those results are taken from a database that may not be accurate or comprehensive.


Detective World offers employment background check services to businesses of all industries and sizes. In fact, Detective World is often asked by companies and corporations to assist in performing background checks regarding candidates who might be recruited into important management positions and titles, re-verifying the employee’s identity and background who are suspected of violating company regulations, verifying the truthfulness and accuracy of the personal information provided…

As a professional detective organization with an extensive network of investigators, detectives and collaborators, Detective World is in all cases proactive in mobilizing resources to gather personal and organizational information without depending the limitations of time and venue of performing work.

Please contact Detective World for a more detailed advice on such services.

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